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Tikal Canopy Tour

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Canopy Tour Tikal – $35 US per person


Just a 15 minute drive from the hotel in Tikal, its open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, and has 9 platforms. The cost includes transfers there and back.
Ziplining in the Tikal jungle treetops is an exciting way to spend an hour or two.  You might see monkeys, and you will definitely see birds.


For those seeking a little extra excitement or something to do at night, the canopy tour is now available at night!!  Daily from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Highly recommended when full moon - dont miss it!

Canopy tour & Horseback riding - $60 US per person


If you have more time, then why not also do some horseback riding on the jungle trails next to the Canopy tour.  Can be done before or after the Canopy tour, both are at the same location.  Takes around 60 minutes.

Ixpanpajul Nature Reserve

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Canopy Tour & Skyway – from $90 US per person


The Ixpanpajul nature reserve is located near to Flores (15 minutes by car from Flores, or 45 minutes by car from Tikal).  

The Canopy tour has 9 platforms, and has varied and interesting scenery because of its hilly terrain and different vegetation from that of Tikal. For some it is considered the most exciting of the two canopy tours.

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The Skyway is a self guided hike up a series of hills in the jungle, clearly marked, and with four suspended hanging bridges along the way. At the top of the hills, there is a spectacular vista of the surrounding countryside, Flores, and lake Peten Itza. There are hammocks to rest, restrooms, and tables to eat your picnic.

(Self guided.  Time: around 5 hours or half a day).  If doing these activities from Flores, the price is from $75 US per person.

Cerro Cahui Nature reserve hike

Hike and swim - from $35 US per person


Cerro Cahui nature reserve – 35 minutes from Tikal, on the shores of lake Peten Itza, has two main trails, one of 4 km and one of 6 km, which lead up to two lookouts with amazing views over lake Peten Itza, and the lagoons of Sal Peten and Macanche to the east. The vegetation is jungle, and it may be possible to see monkeys and birds along the way. At the end of the hike, you have the option to swim in the lake opposite the nature reserve.

Includes transfers from Tikal and back, entry fees to Cahui nature reserve, and picnic. (Self guided.  Time: around 5 hours or half a day)

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Hike from El Zotz to Tikal

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From $200 US per person (minimum 3 people).


This is a 2 day trip, where you visit the archaeological site of El Zotz on the first day, watch the spectacle of thousands of bats coming out of their cave at dusk, and spend the night at the station there. An early start the next day for a full day trek of about 15 km through the jungle to Tikal.

El Mirador (by land)

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Prices depend on number of people and time of year


The greatest adventure of 5 days (2 days trek each way, and 1 day to explore the site of El Mirador), where you will get to see La Danta, the largest pyramid in the world which measures about 70 metres high and has a total volume of 2,800,000 cubic metres! The trek includes guide, food, and pack horses to carry the provisions.

Safari Las Lagunas


A unique safari on four seater ATVs inside the private nature reserve of one of Guatemala’s newest boutique hotels, Las Lagunas. It is a ride of about 1.5 hours in total, where you get to see animals like the tapir, peccary, margay, and deer. The ATVs are driven by staff from the hotel, so that you can enjoy and admire the beauty of the surrounding jungle with its different variations.