How to Find Us

How to find Us

Flores to Tikal (8 a.m.)  /  Tikal back to Flores (3 p.m.)

Minibus shuttles - $20 USD per person aprox. (1.5 hour journey)

Book a private hotel minibus with AC, $65 US for 2-4 people, anytime (1 hr. journey)

Guatemala City – Flores

Luxury bus - $37 USD (approx.) per person (8 hrs. journey). Leaves at 9:30 p.m.

The regular service (not luxury), runs every two hours during the day.
Buses (Linea Dorada, Fuente del Norte, ADN), offer regular and luxury service (AC, reclining seats, toilet, movies on board).

Book a plane - $150 USD per person, one way, approx. (1 hr. journey)
By plane, one hour, TACA or TAG airlines (tickets can be bought through the hotel).

Melchor de Mencos (Belize/Guatemala border) – Tikal

Minibus Melchor - Flores - $5 USD per person, approx. (2 hrs. journey)
Local buses leave from the market at Melchor, get off at El Cruce Ixlu, and take another bus from Flores to Tikal (about $3 USD per person). Or taxi, around $20 USD per person.

Book a private hotel minibus with AC, $90 USD for 2 people, direct from the border to Tikal (1.5 hrs.).

Belize City to Tikal


11 a.m. & 1 p.m. Fuente del Norte bus + private shuttle $70 USD per person, (5 hrs. journey, to Tikal)

Book a private hotel minibus with AC, (get a quote), direct to Tikal (5 hrs. journey).


Around $160 US per person, one way (1 hr journey).
Tropic Air (tickets can be bought through the hotel).  Belize to Flores, or Flores to Belize.

Playa del Carmen to Tikal

Playa to Chetumal, aprox. $22 USD per person, (6 hrs. journey)
Playa to Belize city, aprox. $45 USD per person, (7.5 hrs. journey)

Daily bus at 11:30 p.m. to Belize City, arriving around 7 a.m. (around 500 mx pesos), then take the shuttle bus from Belize City to Flores or fly from Belize City to Flores (see Belize city to Tikal info).

Buses every 90 minutes from Playa to Chetumal, from 5 a.m., journey around 6 hours, cost around 250 mx pesos.

Chetumal to Tikal

Chetumal to Flores, approx. $50 USD per person, (8 hrs. journey)
Mundo Maya or San Juan Travel shuttles, daily to Flores. Leaves from ADO bus station in Chetumal. 8 hour journey, costs around 450 mx pesos. (Can book online through the hotel).

If you want to go to Belize Cayes first (San Pedro or Caye Caulker), there is a daily boat from Chetumal to San Pedro at 3:00 p.m., a 90-minute journey, costing around 585 mx pesos.

Book a water taxi online. 

Palenque to Tikal

Palenque to Flores, aprox. $50 USD per person, (8 hrs. journey)

Book a shuttle with us; Palenque to Tikal, or Tikal to Palenque.
Minibus leaves 5 a.m. daily, via Bethel, arriving Flores around 1 p.m. 

Book a private hotel minibus with AC, available via El Ceibo, to Flores or Tikal. It is quicker but more expensive (ask for a quote).